About us

Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH

Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH is a joint venture between the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, founded in 2018. The purpose of the company is to manage and support the academic operations of the TU Munich at the Heilbronn educational campus.

In doing so, TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH assumes all framework services that enable the teaching and research operations of the TU Munich at the Heilbronn campus, from the administration of the premises to networking, consulting, and communication, to the offers of continuing education programs.

Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH has accompanied the TU Munich’s activities throughout all three stages of expansion to date. Under the motto “for the digital age”, the focus since mid-October 2022 has been on significantly strengthening the fields of data science and artificial intelligence with the establishment of a “Heilbronn Data Science Center”.

The new „Dieter Schwarz Fellowship“ is advancing the development of the internationalization of the TUM Heilbronn Campus. A “Dieter Schwarz Courageous Research Grant” will also be established to promote bold project ideas. In order for these lighthouse activities to succeed in their implementation, the services of Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH are of central importance.

Networking and stakeholder management

Another central pillar of the company’s activities is networking, both on the campus itself and in maintaining contact with stakeholders in the Heilbronn region and at the TU Munich.

Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH participates in local initiatives such as the “Bündnis für Digitale Transformation” (eng.: “Alliance for Digital Transformation”). Locally on campus, it hosts a wide variety of events as part of its networking activities and offers mentoring programs.

The aim is always to bridge the gap between the excellence of research at the TUM Campus Heilbronn and the market needs of innovative companies in the Heilbronn-Franken region.

Continuing Education

In addition to its activities as a manager of university operations, Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH acts as a provider of “non-degree” programs in the field of continuing education.

In cooperation with lecturers at the TU Munich and partner universities worldwide, it is entrusted with the development and implementation of a wide variety of continuing education courses and is responsible for the entire process, from conception and sales to the management of participants, organization, logistics, and implementation of the programs.


  • 2018: Founding of Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH by the TU Munich and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation to manage and support the first cross-state university operation of this size.


  • 2018/2019: Start of studies at the Heilbronn Campus with a range of studies of the TUM School of Management.


  • 2021: Establishment of “Student Services” as a central point of contact and advice for students at TUM Campus Heilbronn.


  • Since WS 2021/22: TUM Faculty of Informatics becomes part of TUM Campus Heilbronn.


  • 2021: Founding of the central field “Campus Living” with the aim to develop comprehensive and participative activation and integration offers for students.


  • 2021: Monitoring of the expansion of the range of study programs to include the Faculty of Informatics with the study program Information Engineering at the TUM Campus Heilbronn.


  • 2022: Support of the next expansion phase, including the establishment of a Data Science Center and an AI Hub.


  • Since mid-2022: Renaming of the Faculty of Informatics to the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology with a focus on interdisciplinary teaching and research.


  • Outlook: Introduction of the Master in Information Engineering program in WS 22/23.

Our activity profile

Support of study and teaching operations

As a campus service provider, Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH creates the framework for the study programs offered by the TU Munich at the Heilbronn Campus.

It covers the entire infrastructure, both tangible and intangible. It manages the university facilities on campus and provides the equipment required for studying and teaching.

It also manages the information and communication services of the TUM Campus Heilbronn, including web presence, PR, and marketing services.


Student Services

The “Student Services” division of Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH bundles all advisory services for current and future students and is available to provide advice and assistance both virtually and on site.

Similarly, Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH supports students in gaining experience abroad as part of their studies at the TUM Campus Heilbronn. Furthermore, its goal is to establish partnerships with excellent international universities.

Die TUM Campus Heilbronn gGmbH is the first – and so far the only – service provider in Germany to make cooperation contributions to a university in another federal state, and is thus doing pioneering work.