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Shape your career path with our continuing education programs

Lifelong learning is crucial – for both personal and professional development. With our certificate programs, we create an unparalleled, profound and enduring continuing education experience for professionals at all career levels in the Heilbronn-Franken region.

As an institution, we work at the unique and forward-looking interface between management, technology and information engineering to prepare solution developers for the existing and new challenges that lie ahead. Rooted in a region of global market leaders and hidden champions, the tailor-made courses we offer at TUM Campus Heilbronn are based on long-term collaborations with our corporate partners.

In our programs, we bring together in-depth knowledge from research with technological innovation. Close to practice, we help you drive transformation processes in your company.

Digital Transformation for Sustainability

Digital tools and innovations for environmental management

The intensive course “Digital Transformation for Sustainability – Digital Tools and Innovations for Environmental Management” offers participants the opportunity to get to know important aspects and methods from both areas (sustainability and digitalization), to establish cross-connections between the two disciplines and to identify possibilities and measures to meet the legal requirements and, if necessary, to go beyond them.

Mastering Digital Transformation Compact

Identifying challenges, developing strategies, and successfully driving transformation.

In our compact course specially designed for family businesses and SMEs, you will gain initial insights into digital transformation. Together, we will explore topics such as digital strategies, innovation investments, platform economy and change management.

Sustainable Investing

The future of investments is sustainable

Hardly any other topic is in such demand in the financial sector as sustainable investing. Ecological, economic and social: increasingly, investors are taking a holistic view of these different aspects of sustainability. Practical yet at a scientific level, you will learn how to manage sustainability risks, create investment strategies tailored to sustainability, and much more.

Mastering Digital Transformation

Are you ready for digitalization?

Learn how to drive transformation in our program specifically designed for family enterprises and SMEs. As an attendee, you will receive a comprehensive overview of all relevant aspects of digital transformation. Together we will delve into topics such as digital strategies, innovation investment, platform economy and change management.

Healthy Leadership

Focus on healthier leadership and mental health in SMEs

Mental health is becoming more and more of a focus in our fast-paced world. In this course, you will be introduced to evidence-based and proven tools for dealing with mental stress. The course will provide you with the knowledge you need to establish healthy work structures in your organization and promote mental health in the workplace.

Design Your Business

How to get from an idea to your own start-up

Let’s set the foundation for your business! If you are an entrepreneur or would like to start a business in the near future, this program is exactly what you need. Together we will go through the entire process of starting a company. Could the advancing digitalization serve to take your product to the next level? We will find out. With our hands-on program, we empower you to create your own innovations.

Business Design & Innovation

Learn to implement business innovations successfully

In an constantly changing business world, companies need to continuously improve their products, expand their portfolios and adapt to challenges such as the advancing digitalization. With this program, we prepare you for the entire process of business innovation. Whether you are an executive or a business developer, our course will provide you with the most in-depth knowledge from science and technology to help you succeed in your innovation.
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