Business Design & Innovation

Streamline your innovation process

In order to remain competitive as a company in the future, the pressure to be innovative is increasing. The biggest challenge in implementing innovations is recognizing the right innovations paired with a suitable business model.

In our certificate program, “Business Design & Innovation,” you will learn the entire process from the initial idea to the first euro earned. You will learn how to apply the business design process to successfully implement innovations. By combining this with the psychological aspects of agile team development, you will learn comprehensive skills and how to use them successfully.

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Business Design & Innovation Expert


The seminar takes place upon request

Program Fee

3.900 €


10% discount for TUM Alumni

Target group:

Leaders, project experts, business developers, or decision-makers who aim to further develop themselves and their companies within the context of innovation and wish to qualify as innovation managers.


The beginning and conclusion will take place at the Education Campus in Heilbronn.
All further sessions will be held online via Zoom.


Each week follows the same routine (all times indicated are HEILBRONN time):
Mon. (Methodology): 03:00 to 07:00 pm
Tue. (Stand-Up Meeting): 08:00 to 08:30 am
Fri. (Reflection): 04:00 to 06:00 pm
Plus additional time for team coordination and individual project work

Participating in the online sessions is mandatory in order to get the certificate.


September 13 – November 16, 2024

September 13 & 14, 2024: Kick-off at TUM Campus Heilbronn
November 15 & 16, 2024: Conclusion at TUM Campus Heilbronn

Remaining sessions: online

Academic Responsibility:

Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar

Access requirements:


Experience and apply business design together

Our certificate program, Business Design & Innovation, focuses on applying Business Design in a team and is structured into these five phases: Setup, Discover, Design, Validate, and Decide.
The unique interplay of theory, practice, and reflection effectively introduces you to business design and innovation management topics.
The course takes place mainly virtually, with the kickoff and conclusion experienced together onsite at our outstanding Education Campus in Heilbronn.

Individual Development - Our Partners

As part of the seminar, we collaborate with our long-standing partner, Orange Hills. Orange Hills GmbH comprises experts in innovation management and its implementation. Leveraging their experience and day-to-day work with clients in this field, they provide valuable insights into practical application.

Benefit from the latest insights and developments in theory and practice delivered to you by our experts at TUM Campus Heilbronn. Our instructors convey the learning content not only with numerous examples and anecdotes from the real world of innovation but also consider the individual backgrounds and specific requirements of all participants.

Seminar's topics

  • Guiding principles of Business Design
  • Business Design Process
  • Roles involved in Business Design projects
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Developing customer and user profiles
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Business model development
  • Storytelling
  • Quantitative research
  • Prototyping (Software) for Storytelling and hypotheses-based validation
  • Prototyping (Hardware and sensors) for Storytelling and hypotheses-based validation
  • Financial Sanity Check
  • Management proposal

Our lecturers

  • Dr. Bernhard Doll, Orange Hills GmbH
  • Dr. Eleni Georganta, TUM
  • Dr. Karl Rabes, Orange Hills GmbH

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